13 December 2023

‘Ideal starting point for boating holidays’

After disembarking on the helipad, it’s time for a cool refreshment in the cocktail bar, before relaxing in the pool on the aft deck? After caviar served by the staff, end the day watching the new James Bond in the private cinema on the lower deck? No, not that again, but let’s be honest. Surely it is much more fun to drive the ship yourself!

Luxury vessels
Lovers of luxury Aquanaut yachts get their money’s worth at Aquaship in Jachthaven Liesveld, or via De Driesprong Jachtcharters in Langelille (Friesland). And especially for our guests who love sailing, but don’t want the work of owning their own yacht - anymore. Let’s face it: most ships lie idle in a port for more than 44 weeks a year. Verkerk: “Depending on the period in the year, it costs between €1,000 and €3,000 per week to hire a quality ship.”

Aquaship cooperates with De Driesprong Yachtcharters in Langelille, the owner of the Aquanaut shipyard, which handles bookings for Aquaship. Aquaship also rents out its own boats in Friesland through De Driesprong Yachtcharters. The unique aspect of this cooperation is that your trusted yacht charter company can also take care of another sailing area, with the same quality and good service.

Aquanaut vessels in the fleet
The following Aquanaut vessels are based in Langelille (Friesland):

La Diege:Aquanaut Drifter 12.50. 6+2 persons 

Poseidon: Aquanaut Drifter CS 12.00. 4+1 persons

Copain: Aquanaut Drifter 350 AC. 4+2 persons  

In Streefkerk (South Holland) lies the last ship:

La Palma: Aquanaut Drifter CS 13.20. 6+2 persons 

Renting out beautiful ships is my passion. Making sure you sail away with a beautiful, maintained, and clean ship. That you return after your holiday and let me know that the boat met all your expectations. That makes me happy!

Province of South Holland
Streefkerk is the ideal starting point for a boating holiday. Within an hour you are in the city centre of Rotterdam, in an hour and a half you are sailing through the Biesbosch. And what about nearby towns like Vianen, Vreeswijk and Oudewater? A tour of the old Dutch towns, or towards Brabant. The possibilities are so much bigger than you think.

Friesland is originally the water sports province. But if you have been sailing there for ten years, you have seen it all. South Holland, but also North Holland and Brabant, are provinces with very beautiful waters and absolutely underexposed. Would you like to know more about our charter boats? Then get in touch.

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Explore South Holland by boat and prepare to be amazed.

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