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Aquaship Yachtcharter

Aquaship rents out luxury motor yachts from the harbor in Streefkerk.

Showcasing South Holland

Streefkerk is the ideal starting point for a boating vacation. It takes less than an hour to reach Rotterdam city center and two hours to cruise through the Biesbosch. And let's not forget nearby places like Vianen, Vreeswijk and Oudewater? Friesland is traditionally the water sports province, but if you have been boating there for ten years, you have seen it all. South Holland, North Holland, and Brabant are provinces with beautiful waterways. Together with Driesprong Yachtcharters, we are going to focus on putting South Holland on the map as a watersports province.


Explore South Holland by boat and prepare to be amazed.

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Aquaship Yachtcharter

Lekdijk 293
2957CL Nieuw-Lekkerland

Homeport Streefkerk


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