16 November 2023

Sailing on the South Holland inland waterways

Friesland is known for its quiet boating waters. But did you know that South Holland is also a beautiful cruising area? We like to provide you with inspiration for a day, weekend or vacation boating on the beautiful Dutch inland waterways. This time the weekend trip 'round Hollandse IJssel'!

This is a varied tour, exploring the Lek, the North, the Hollandse IJssel, the Merwedekanaal and possibly the Linge and the New Merwede.

Dutch IJssel

From Streefkerk, you will sail down the Lek towards Rotterdam, pass the junction with the Noord and after shipyard IHC you will enter the Hollandse IJssel, towards Gouda. Arriving at Gouda, sail starboard. Pass Gouda and through the lock on the canalized Hollandse IJssel. At IJsselstein, leave the canalized Hollandse IJssel again and sail up the Merwedekanaal towards the Koninginnensluis in Vreeswijk.


Once you have entered the Lek, depending on your number of days off, you can make several choices. For example, following the Lek, back in the direction of Streefkerk. This choice has an expected sailing time of two and a half hours. At the level of Arkel you can also keep portside. After passing through the open high water lock, you sail directly portside on the Linge!

Gorinchem and Dordrecht

Another option is to cross the Lek and lock in Vianen, onto the Merwedekanaal. You then sail in the direction of Gorinchem. At Gorinchem, you then "lock out," and sail down the Nieuwe Merwede toward Dordrecht. At Dordrecht, turn starboard onto the Noord and sail towards Kinderdijk. At the North Lek junction, immediately past the IHC Kinderdijk shipyard, turn starboard and sail back up the Lek to Streefkerk.


This trip guarantees many sights! To begin with, the windmills of Kinderdijk. Then the Hollandse IJssel is a quietly meandering river, with beautiful views. Gouda has a beautiful historic center. Via the beautiful towns of Stein, Beneden- and Boven-Haastrecht and Hekendorp, you sail towards Oudewater. This too is a town with a rich history!

Marina Liesveld

Montfoort, IJsselstein and Vreeswijk are also well worth a visit. And then of course we have to mention Gorinchem, Dordrecht, Vianen and Schoonhoven! After visiting Schoonhoven, it's another hour of sailing to the Liesveld Marina in Streefkerk, where your cruise has begun.

Are you curious about more scenic cruises? Then contact us.

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Explore South Holland by boat and prepare to be amazed.

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